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The final transport stretch, often called last mile delivery can make all the difference. It's where your products meet your customers, where their expectations meet reality and where your brand's reputation takes its final shape.

Get your shipping needs move faster. Opt for Van Express and our reliable final mile delivery solution anywhere in Europe. Be it from small parcels to larger freight loads, in the early hours or in the late afternoon, our logistics experts will take care of your final mile transport to suit any of your business needs.

Book to-the-door last mile courier service with Van Express and make sure that your shipments reach their ultimate destinations as swiftly as possible.

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Final mile delivery solutions in various industries.

The flexibility, speed and convenience of final mile delivery services are increasingly important in meeting the expectations of today's consumers across various sectors. Whether you are an e-commerce, retailer or work in any industry, at Van Express we have the best logistics solutions for your last mile delivery needs. See why different industries use our final mile courier services across Europe, on a national or international level:


Auto parts suppliers and dealerships regularly use last mile delivery to provide components and vehicles to customers and service centres.


Electronics retailers and manufacturers benefit from final mile transport to deliver electronics, gadgets and appliances directly to consumers.


Manufacturers require final mile solutions for supplying raw materials and components to their production lines and transporting finished products to distributors or retailers.

Printing and publishing

Print media companies and bookstores transport newspapers, magazines and books to subscribers and readers through final mile delivery services.

Furniture and interior

Interior design firms and custom furniture makers use last mile couriers to deliver customized furnishings directly to their clients.


Construction companies rely on last mile delivery of construction materials and equipment to work sites.

Sports equipment

Sporting goods stores and fitness equipment providers deliver sports gear and exercise equipment to customers via last mile logistics solutions.


Hospitals and medical facilities use urgent final mile delivery for medical supplies, equipment and samples for testing.

Home appliances

Appliance retailers transport large items to customer homes using final mile logistics solutions.


Pharmacies and prescription medication providers urgently deliver medicines to patients, especially important for those with chronic conditions, via final mile courier partners.

Fashion & apparel

Clothing stores and fashion brands use last mile courier service for expensive fashion items, including clothing, shoes and accessories.


We do final mile delivery for almost every industry, contact us today for more information.

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Why us?

Why choose Van Express for your final mile delivery service?

  • Reliability: Count on us to meet final mile delivery deadlines consistently, providing a seamless delivery experience for your clients.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Our cost-effective final mile solutions help you save money while maintaining high quality shipping service.
  • Customization: We tailor our final mile delivery services to meet your unique needs, whether you're in e-commerce, retail or any other industry.
  • Customer Satisfaction: A smooth final mile delivery experience leads to happy customers and repeat business.
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Searching for the best last mile logistics solution and need help?

No matter what industry you’re from, we always find a solution to fit your business needs. Contact our logistics specialists now.

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Our logistics

Flexible final mile logistics solutions

Our primary goal is to be the best last mile logistics provider for each of our customers and keep their customers satisfied and returning. With this aim in mind, Van Express offers multiple final mile logistics solutions, tailor-made to your business requirements.

You can choose different van services, depending on the items you need to transport to your customers.

  • Box Van delivery
  • CS Van delivery
  • CS Van tail-lift delivery
  • White glove delivery
  • Removals and relocations
  • e-commerce parcels and express

Our Service

Final mile delivery solutions tailored to your business

Let us know where you want us to deliver your last mile shipments and our expert logistics teams will do just so!

  • Front-door delivery: your shipment is placed in front of the main building
  • To-the-door delivery: your shipment is placed at your doorstep inside the building
  • To-the-room delivery: your parcel is brought into a specified room
  • White glove delivery: your parcel is brought into a specified room-of-choice, and the service includes unpacking, item assembly and installation, removal of old item

Book your national or international final mile courier

Let us know where you want us to deliver your last mile shipments and our expert logistics teams will do just so!


Our process

How does last mile courier service work at Van Express?

Step 1: Contact us

Give us a call or send us a message and tell us what you need.

Step 2:  We consult

We present you our final mile logistics solution and tailor it to your needs.  

Step 3: We arrange your delivery

When you give us the green light, our team will do everything for you.

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Final mile courier services across Europe

Why is last mile delivery often so complicated?

Last mile courier service represents the very final part of a product’s shipping journey, which is most often delivered to the recipient’s door.  

The initial leg of the journey, typically transporting high shipping volumes from the factory to a centralized warehouse, is known for its efficiency with goods converging at a single hub. In contrast, the last mile delivery phase, characterized by low volumes and multiple drop-offs, is traditionally the least efficient aspect of the shipping process.

While the ideal scenario for customers is same-day or next-day delivery, achieving a seamless delivery within a few hours faces numerous challenges, including factors like courier workload and weather conditions. Consequently, the final mile delivery emerges as the most expensive segment in the entire logistics process.

How long does final mile transport take?  

The duration of last mile courier service can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location, transportation mode and service level selected by the sender and recipient. In general, final mile transport can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Why is it so important to have the best last mile logistics provider for your business?

Selecting the right final mile courier partner is vital for all businesses aiming to excel in today’s competitive landscape. More and more customers expect that their parcels or even bigger shipments will be delivered at the latest the next working day for a very low shipping fee or even free of charge. So fast last mile deliveries can only take place if businesses have several warehouses spread around at different locations where they have high order volumes.

If businesses do not manage to provide fast and reliable final mile delivery logistics solutions, they risk losing their customers.

Why is final mile courier service so expensive?

Last mile courier service tends to be costlier due to its intricate nature. Factors such as labour expenses, navigating complex urban routes, fast delivery expectations and often the need for specialized vehicles contribute to high costs. While businesses strive to meet customer demands for quick and reliable deliveries, managing the expenses of the last mile logistics solutions remains a challenge, prompting innovations in logistics and technology to improve efficiency and affordability.

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